Those who wish to stay overnight on the YMCA campus during ARE have two lodging options available to them: the Junulara Dometo and the Inn.

Junulara Dometo (Oak Cottage)

Oak Cottage


  • Available for Saturday and Sunday overnight.
  • Shared bedrooms, shared bathrooms.
  • Meal plan not included.

The Junulara Dometo is a lodge with shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms (private when you use them but only one per floor). Reservations do not include a meal plan and participants are responsible for their own meals. The cost is approximately $115 USD per person for the weekend. Reserve your spot when you complete the registration form and arrange payment with an event organizer.

The Inn

the Inn


  • Available for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday overnight.
  • Private rooms, private and shared bathrooms.
  • Includes meal plan.

The Inn is a hotel-style dormitory with private bedrooms and both private and shared bathrooms. Reservations include a meal plan at the newly constructed Boyd Center. The cost is between $130 and $190 USD per person per night depending on the room. Reservations for the Inn must be made separately with the Silver Bay YMCA.